K&A Models is a global leading architectural exhibits solution provider in Hong Kong, China and Middle East. We specialize in designing, making and delivering precision scale architectural models, perspective rendering and 3D animation for world leading property developers and real estate companies, architects, designers and agencies.

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奇艺模型有幸受委托参与香港最大的文物复兴项目 – 大馆。 我们参与制作了8个微缩模型以展示旧中区警署容貌,还制作了一个用透明模型展示方式制作的大馆场地规划模型以用于视频投影展示。 请到下列网址了解更多信息:https://taikwun.hk/en/taikwun/press/press_release 欲了解更多信息,请随时电邮到info@k-amodels.com或致电2505 5721与我们联络。
K&A Models crafted 9 display models for Tai Kwun's heritage revitalisation project
K&A Models is pleased to be commissioned by and involved in the largest heritage revitalisation project in Hong Kong for Tai Kwun. We have participated in crafting and constructing a total of 8 miniature models displaying old central policy station scenes as well as a Tai Kwun site plan model featuring all blocks in translucent […]
苹果日报专访奇艺模型 – 超像真手作建筑模型「科技取代不了手艺」
观看影片 近日奇艺模型之董事总经理徐伟权先生有幸获本港媒体“苹果日报”邀请进行专访,分享了他24年在从事建筑模型业务方面的远见和经验。 除了在香港和亚洲市场,奇艺模型长期以来一直积极进军全球房地产开发和建筑设计市场,我们已经赢得了长期客户和合作伙伴的成功声誉和持续的业务。 作为全球领先的建筑模型制造公司,奇艺保持对模型制作力求完美的态度,打破旧有形式引进突破性3D 创作带出真实和活灵活现的模型制作。如果你正在寻找一个可靠的伙伴为您的项目制作比例模型或3D效果图,请立即电邮到: info@k-amodels.com或致电 +852 2505 5771与我们的顾问咨询和报价。 我们期待收到您的查询! 资料来源:苹果日报
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Our Workflow

Step 1: Requirement Collection & Consulting

Tell us your project idea. We will host a project kick-start briefing in order to discuss what you are looking for, standards and requirements, plus other details to note. We aim to better understand the model-making objectives, scale, dimension, levels (quantity) of the structures and landscaping details.  We wish to nail down all of your vision and requirements before we dive right in to work.

Step 2: Fit-for-purpose Pricing & Proposal

Providing a tailor-made proposal with best-fit pricing, scale, dimension, detailed model-making scope of works, relevant past models photos for client’s perusal.

Our work covers a dazzling array of developing infrastructures and facilities which are targeted to serve the community: 

  • Commercial and residential real estate 
  • Government facilities (Hospitals, institutional buildings)
  • Airports
  • Hotels & resorts, casinos
  • Cultural and environmental preservation projects
  • Recreational facilities (i.e. sports centre, theme parks)
  • World exhibition

We can customize all kinds of digital and mechanical effects as you wish for. Click here to find out more.

Step 3: Pre-works & Model Sample

A pre-work scheme ensures a smooth and efficient working process upon commencement. Our 5 elements of pre-work scheme are:

  1. Collect Drawings:
    Including Master Layout Plan, Floor and Roof Plans, Elevations (Front, Rear, other sides), Renderings,and Sections in DWG format as well as 3D Models (3D Studio Max or Sketch-up format) if available.

2. Setting-out Details:
Your drawings and plans provided should be able to point-out and illustrate the setting-out of the(Topographic), landscape and streetscape to show clearly including but not limited to where these are: roads, pedestrian streets, paving details, parking areas, planters and vegetation, light poles, bollards, fountains and water features, etc. and other landscaping details where necessary.

  1. High-Resolution Reference Images or Perspectives:
    Close communication channel will be opened to uphold all requirements such as color elements, finishing and textures.  Custom-made the close-to-real color samples will be provided for review and comment, prior to fabricating the scale model.

  1. Colors Identification and Matching:
    We would ask for color code references for all necessary parts such as roads, roofs, building façade and glazing, etc.. Either PANTONE or RAL would be perfect.

  1. Color & Model Samples:
    Once the color elements are identified and matched, the following similar kinds of color samples will be spray painted and provided for review and comment, followed by fully colored model samples.

Step 4: Model Fabrication & Perfection

Once a model sample is confirmed, we would move to full fabrication of the model. Production update during the course of crafting and after the finishing will be provided for review and comment. 

You will have a perfect model after the final step of refinement.

Step 5: Model Delivery & Presentation

For delivery, the model can be protected and packed by 

1) thick foam board, 

2) wooden box or 

3) custom-made freight case:

We provide on site model set-up and installation as well as model relocation service locally and globally.

Step 6: Post-delivery & Maintenance Service

6-months warranty service will be provided for any non-human caused damages. of the model.

Our project team will also  follow up on all the delivered models for any maintenance and repairing needs.

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