How we work 制作方式

Step 1: Requirement Collection & Consulting

Discussing project requirements and details with client to understand the model-making objectives, scale, dimension, levels (quantity)of buildings and landscaping details as well as expected effect generated out of the model, etc.

The miniature scaled models including but not limited to people figures, vehicles, trees, lamp post, etc. can be custom made to fit into the overall effect of the model.




Step 2: Fit-for-purpose Pricing & Proposal

Providing a tailor-made proposal with best-fit pricing, scale, dimension, detailed model-making scope of works, relevant past models photos for client’s perusal.



Step 3: Pre-works & Model Sample Production

Upon project commissioning, the following is a pre-work scheme that we would work through with client to make sure a smooth and efficient working process upon commencement:




Pre-Work Scheme:

  1. Drawings Collection: Master Layout Plan, Floor and Roof Plans, Elevations (Front, Rear, other sides), Renderings,and Sections in DWG format as well as 3D Models (3D Studio Max or Sketch-up format) if available.
  2. Setting-out Details: The provided drawings and plans should be able to point-out and illustrate the setting-out of the(Topographic), landscape and streetscape to show clearly including but not limited to where these are: roads, pedestrian streets, paving details, parking areas, planters and vegetation, light poles, bollards, fountains and water features, etc. and other landscaping details where necessary.
  3. High-Resolution Reference Images or Perspectives: These are of critical importance for us to identify the required color elements, finishing and textures accurately in order to custom-make the close-to-real color samples for review and comment, prior to fabricating the scale model.
  4. Colors Identification and Matching: To further grasp the color preference and avoid mismatching, we would also require receiving color code reference for further fine-tuning the colors of roads, roofs, building façade and glazing, etc. when necessary. PANTONE or RAL are common color matching schemes to take reference.
  5. Color & Model Samples: Once the colors elements are identified and matched, the following similar kinds of color samples will be spray painted and provided for review and comment, followed by providing fully colored model sample to ensure full satisfaction.




  1. 收集图纸:总图、建筑层和屋顶平面图、立面图(前、后、以及各侧)、效果图,以DWG格式以及三维模型(3D Studio Max或Sketch-up格式)显示建筑剖面的图纸。
  2. 设定细节:已交给我们的建筑总图应能够明确地标示地形、周边景观和街景,包括但不只局限于以下的部件:马路、行人道、铺地的细节,停车区,花盆和植物,灯杆,灯箱,喷泉和水景等其他市区美化设施。
  3. 效果图:为了能够制作仿真度极高的色版,以便让您们参考和给予意见,在开始生产工序前先行分析所需的色彩元素、表面处理和材料质地是非常关键的。
  4. 颜色识别和配色:为了进一步控制色彩的准确性,并避免出现颜色不协调的情况,我们需要您们提供参考颜色编号以作进一步的色彩微调,包括道路、屋顶或天面、大厦外墙及玻璃等必要的地方。PANTONE和RAL 是常用的配色系统色标。
  5. 当配色的步骤完成后,我们会将如下图所列相类似的色样交给您们检查和给予意见。为确保对制成品的满意与否,随后也会把全彩色的模型样版给您们作参考之用。

Step 4: Model Fabrication & Perfection

Once model sample is confirmed, we would move to full fabrication of the model and progress photos during the course of model crafting will be provided for indicating the workmanship and also for client’s review and comment in frequent manner or on demand as soon as better shape of the model is done and formed.

Ensuring client’s satisfaction with the work-in-progress model and the perfect model that matches with client’s expectation and requirements.




Step 5: Model Delivery & Presentation

Our long-term partnered courier team can deliver the completed model to a designated location worldwide without boundary limitation.

For delivery, the model can be protected and packed by 1) thick foam board, 2) wooden box or 3) custom-made freight case:

While delivering, we can provide model set-up and installation service on the spot upon request and we can also provide model relocation service for relocating model to different locations locally or globally.





Step 6: Post-delivery & Maintenance Service

Our project team is dedicated to follow up with the delivered model for any maintenance and repairing needed.

6-months warranty service will be provided for any non-human caused damages of the model.