18 July 2013. K&A proudly designed, fabricated and presented the Hong Kong Observatory 1883 Building and Blackhead Point (Signal Hill) mechanical models to celebrate its 130 years anniversary and these two models are being showcased in the Hong Kong History of Museum. The size of 1883 Building model is 0.8M (L) x 0.8M (W) where the Signal Mast is mechanical set to simulate the hanging process of the typhoon signal; and the size of the other Blackhead Point model is 1M (L) x 1M (W) where there is a time ball tower on the signal hill to mechanically lift up and drop to indicate the arrival of the noon time in each day.

Due to the fact that all those buildings are so old that there is a lack of buildings’ drawings, all these great masterpieces can come into existence are all attributed to the efforts and help from the HKO Teams. Last but not least, K&A Team is in particularly proud of being involved in contributing to the Historical Education for Hong Kong through these anniversary models.